[EDEQUITY]WEEA Center contract status

From: Sundra Flansburg (sflansburg@edc.org)
Date: Fri Dec 20 2002 - 12:20:20 EST

Hi All,

As you are aware, EDC's WEEA Equity Resource Center contract officially
ends in mid-February 2003, and there has been no RFP yet issued by the U.S.
Department of Education--our funder. While we anticipate that an RFP will
eventually be issued, we have made the very difficult decision to lay off
or reduce time for half of the WEEA Center staff. We have done this in the
hope of being able to maintain core services to the public and to schools
for a few months after February until a new contract is awarded--to us or
to a new contractor.

It saddens us to lose valuable and experienced staff who have been key
contributors to our team. We would like to thank our colleagues and
friends Amie Jagne, Hilandia Neuta-Rendon, and Julia Potter for all they
have given over the years, and wish them well in their new endeavors.
Several others in our team will have reduced time on WEEA beginning in

We will update you in January as (we hope) new information is available
about the status of the contract. We appreciate your understanding during
this difficult time. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any
questions about our situation. Our best wishes to all for the holidays,
and for a peaceful and healthy new year!

Sundra Flansburg
Director, WEEA Equity Resource Center at EDC
55 Chapel Street
Newton, MA 02458-1060
800-225-3088 / www.edc.org/WomensEquity

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