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From: Terri Boyer Tillbrook (
Date: Thu Jun 05 2003 - 11:13:21 EDT

We are very happy to announce that the Gender, Diversities and Technology
Institute at EDC has expanded its professional development offerings to
include online courses developed by the WEEA Equity Resource Center, and
summer weekend workshops that build on those resources. As a friend of
WEEA and a colleague familiar with the quality of our work, we would like
your assistance in spreading the word about these new offerings.

I've included the text of our introductory letter, as well as a link to our
website and brochure where more can be learned about the Institute and its
offerings. We greatly appreciate your assistance in disseminating this
information through any newsletters, listservs, or other relevant
publications, and recommending us to your colleagues.


Capture the spirit of "Leave No Child Behind"?ensure ALL your students

How can you and your colleagues build on what motivates you to respond to
the challenges laid out in No Child Left Behind? With more pressure to
reach every student in the classroom and ensure that they are meeting
standards, how can you joyfully embrace the diversity before you and
leverage it to create a stimulating, engaging classroom environment that
encourages high achievement for every student?

We have the learning opportunities that will help you do that! Our range
of online professional development offerings respond to teachers' needs and
cutting edge issues, while ensuring positive results in the classroom.
What characterizes our offerings?

-They are cost effective.
We understand tightening budgets combined with pressing needs. The range
and flexibility of our offerings make them work with any budget situation!
-They not only teach, but they utilize the best educational practices.
Our professional development builds on what you know, challenges you to
reflect and expand on that, and does it in an engaging, stimulating
learning environment that will leave you highly motivated to apply your
learning?throughout the courses and afterwards.
-You will learn from yourself, your peers, and experts in the field.
The online format allows you to engage with peers and experts in a safe and
stimulating community where everyone learns.
-They are founded on the belief that student diversity is a strength and
offers immense possibilities for our educational system.
To ensure that teachers can leverage the potential arising from diversities
including gender, race, ethnicity, class, and disability, they need a safe
environment in which to explore and learn about what works to ensure equity
and excellence.

The Gender, Diversities, and Technology Institute (GDTI) at Education
Development Center, Inc. (EDC), offers e-learning seminars, workshops, and
"just-in-time" training that have already helped hundreds of teachers show
proven results in their classrooms. Our unique perspective of gender as
intimately connected with other diversities such as race, ethnicity, class,
and disability, combined with our integration of the best of technology and
gender, creates a truly peerless professional development model.

We invite you to visit our website <> for
more information. To stretch dollars further, take advantage of the
discounts and materials available to Institute members. Join us!


Terri Boyer Tillbrook
Professional Development Director

Terri Boyer Tillbrook, Ed.D.
Gender, Diversities & Technology Institute
Center for Education Employment and Community
Education Development Center, Inc.
55 Chapel Street
Newton, MA 02458-1060

phone: 617.618.2146
fax: 617.332.4318

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