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Fri, 26 Apr 1996 13:42:12 -0400

2. CONDUCT: Please be respectful and courteous at all times. Abusive behavior
and inappropriate and/or rude language will not be tolerated.

-Relate your message to some aspect of educational equity as defined in the
introduction above.
-Make sure to use descriptive headings so that others will know if that topic
interests them.
-When sending a message to the list, ALWAYS put your name and e-mail address at
the end of every posting so that people can identify you and respond to you
privately if they wish.
-When replying to someone else's message, include only a few lines of their
original message (including the whole message takes up a lot of space and
discourages others from reading your message).
-Remember that not everyone on EDEQUITY is an Internet veteran and may not
understand some conventions that seem second nature to you. Please explain items
in your messages fully.

6. REPLYING PRIVATELY v. REPLYING TO EDEQUITY: If you respond to a message
received from EDEQUITY by hitting the reply key, everyone on the mailing list
will receive your message. This is appropriate when the contents of your message
are likely to be of interest to a number of subscribers. However, if you are
writing, for example, to request a copy of something another subscriber has
mentioned, please send your request privately, not to EDEQUITY. Similarly,
comments directed at a particular person -- approval or disapproval -- that do
not further contribute to the discussion should be sent privately, for example,
"Bravo!" or "That's the way!"

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