Re: WEEA funding??
Mon, 29 Apr 96 19:30:48 EST

Monday --

Hello Susan,
Unfortunately on Friday, after a day long meeting of our national gender equity
expert panel, we here at the resource center, were greeted by the official news
that WEEA was ZERO level funded--an interesting term for not funded. Despite
the valiant efforts of grassroots folks throughout the country, WEEA and the
state Title IV programs were not supported. Although the Department of
Education has earmarked dollars for WEEA in the next budget, all our funding
ends as of September 30. We have been in touch with the WEEA Program office to
find out what next steps are, but the department is still trying to figure this
out so we have no news to share. I am sure Carrolyn Andrews will be in touch
with all of us soon. Like your program, we are not yet sure what this means for
us here at EDC. However, we will try our best to find other funding sources to
continue our equity work.

After 20 years as a resource center for gender equity, we are in a deep state of
shock and I am sure are all weea grantees. It is truly
discouraging that our program ends under the watch of a president with a
daughter. But i'm sure we will remember who in the Congress supported this
improtant program and who didn't.

In the meantime, we will try to contact each of the current weea grantees to see
how we can assist. As our mandate is to primarily provide technical assistance
around the development of materials and to serve as the dissemination center for
equity, we want to continue to share what is happening on projects with the
nation--even if that is that after an exciting start, Congress has cut down an
important effort to increase outcomes for women and girls.

I salute all the WEEA projects, past and present. Over 700 projects have helped
to promote educational equity for women and girls. While the program may end,
the promise and practice of gender equity has become a part of education--and we
cannot let that end. On behalf of my four daughters, on behalf of daughters and
sons everywhere--you have made a difference and i thank you. And I would like
to thank Linda Shevitz and Verna Williams and the national coalition for the
education of women and girls, as well as aauw and numerous other organizations
for their unceasing efforts to save WEEA.

I wish i had better news to report--if an when we hear anything, we will pass
along any information. If others learn more, please share it.
Again, thank you for everything...good night.
Katherine Hanson
WEEA Equity Resource Center
55 chapel Street
Newton, Ma 02158

I've been browsing and trying to find someone who would know whether the WEEA
funding was restored, or not. Do you know?

I direct one of the projects and assumed the worst when I heard that the
budget was settled after cutting 200 programs. Then, I heard that some
education programs were restored.

High anxiety prevails, here in limbo!

I would greatly appreciate the truth of the situation, whatever it is.


Susan St. Peter
Detroit, MI

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