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A couple of other things to look at in that brochure....

Is there any statement that all programs are open to both male and female
students -- or a general restatement of the distict's civil rights

Is the Community Ed program sponsored by the district or is it
self-supporting. If it were *fully* self-supporting (which is highly
unlikely) then they might make a case for exclusion from Title IX, but
since it appears to be (from your description) a district service (even if
it is done as a for-fee program) it should be in compliance.

What's been the program's previous experiences with enrollments in these
programs? Are the graphics representative of the enrollment? In which
case you've got a stronger argument about the graphics setting enrollment
expectations. Or are the enrollments well balanced by gender, and
proportional racially? -- In which case, I wouldn't make to much of an
issue of it.

I bet there are problems.


At 10:07 AM 5/1/96, wrote:
>On Tuesday, I received the Summer Community Education Program brochure from
>my school district and decided to do an equity check on it. On the K-2 page
>the picture above the "Fun with the Macintosh" course description is a little
>boy sitting happily in front of a computer. On the K-3 art page there is a
>picture of 3 girls and 2 boys proudly displaying their artwork; the boys are
>in the foreground of the picture and are part of the focal point along with
>one of the girls. You have to look closely to see the other two girls. On the
>grade 3-7 science page, there are two boys sitting happily at computers and
>another picture of two boys working diligently at a scienc lab station. The
>t-ball page is somewhat better with an action shot of a boy, an action shot
>of a girl and an action shot that could be either (it would be interesting to
>take a poll to see what gender would be identified in that picture). By the
>way, all of the kids in the pictures are caucasion.

>Mary Miller

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