Re: WEEA funding??

Darcy Lees (
Thu, 2 May 1996 10:21:57 -0400

Title IV OCR-state and WEEA funds were deleted. Title IV state programs
are being called today and tommorrow morning to be asked not to submit
their grants and that they may request "no cost" extensions (carry overs)
of their current funding past July 1. See Edgar, page 97, Section 75.261.
That's the latest per Adelle Washington and our agency federal liaison.

On Mon, 29 Apr 1996 wrote:

> I've been browsing and trying to find someone who would know whether the WEEA
> funding was restored, or not. Do you know?
> I direct one of the projects and assumed the worst when I heard that the
> budget was settled after cutting 200 programs. Then, I heard that some
> education programs were restored.
> High anxiety prevails, here in limbo!
> I would greatly appreciate the truth of the situation, whatever it is.
> Thanks,
> Susan St. Peter
> Detroit, MI

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