[RA-Equity] SummerMath

Thu, 2 May 1996 10:17:07 -0400

SUMMERMATH 1996: Preparing Young Women for a Real World of Math
SummerMath is designed to keep young women in high school to keep
believing in their dreams. Based at Mount Holyoke College in South
Hadley, MA, SummerMath brings together one hundred young women from high
schools nationwide for six weeks of exploration in mathematics,

With students of many backgrounds and all levels of experience,
participants strengthen mathematical thinking and communication skills,
develop powerful strategies for solving problems, program the computer,
see how math applies to everyday life, and grow more self-confident.
Students return to high school or enter college in the fall ready to
tackle the toughest problems, having developed their own toolkits of
learning strategies.

SummerMath is based on pioneering research in cognitive science that has
led to a better understanding of how people learn mathematics and solve
problems. Students learn in new ways: working in pairs, programming the
computer, and participating in science workshops. They live in a college
dormitory with college students as residential advisers.

The SummerMath curriculum includes three strands: fundamental
mathematical concepts, mathematics workshops and (depending on
experience) computer programming or technology labs. There are many
evening and weekend activities offered, from speakers to day trips to Boston.

For information about applying to SummerMath contact Charlene Morrow at
413-538-2608. Financial aid is available.

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