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Thu, 2 May 1996 10:17:12 -0400

Subject: Time: 6:38 PM
OFFICE MEMO **New RA Network & Listserv Date: 4/28/96

(Apologies for multiple postings)
The Regional Alliance has established a new Curriculum, Instruction and
Assessment Network and Electronic Discussion Group (RA-CIA) designed to
examine issues of implementing frameworks and standards based math, science
and technology programs in K-12 schools. While RA-ASSESSMENT and
RA-CURRIC-FRAMWKS will still exists as listserves, the Alliance will focus
its information disssemination efforts and major postings in math, science
and technology curriculum, instruction, assessment and professional
development on RA-CIA. Information about Network activities and professional
development opportunities will be publicized on RA-CIA.

We encourage you to subscribe to RA-CIA in either of the two following ways:
(1) *PREFERRED* send an e-mail message to hub-mail-services@hub.terc.edu and
in the body, write: subscribe ra-cia
You will be automatically subscribed and will get a confirmation message back
from the list.
(2) *ALTERNATIVE* reply to this e-mail message back to me and indicate that
you wish to subscribe and I will arrange it for you.

If you wish to unsubscribe from RA-ASSESSMENT or RA-CURRIC-FRAMWKS, please do
not send a message to the list!
Send an e-mail message to hub-mail-services@hub.terc.edu and in the body,
write: unsubscribe ra-assessment
or unsubscribe ra-curric-framwks (depending on which list you are in).
You will be automatically unsubscribed.

Also, the Regional Alliance will have a new Hub Web Site on May 1. The
official announcement and URL will be sent soon.

Mark Kaufman

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