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Thu, 2 May 1996 15:01:50 -0400

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Women Online Speak Out: a new online journal published by Women Online

Women Online Speak Out is seeking submissions of articles and stories about
gender and technology, women and the internet, feminist activism online,
and more. Need a space to speak your mind? Tired of all the media hype?
Want to show the world what "women and the internet" really means? Go for
it. This web space is for you, for all women online to have a voice. If
you're interested in a regular column, go ahead and suggest one. Women
Online is visited by thousands of people each week so the potential
audience is massive, and they need to hear our voices-- make your voice
heard! SPEAK OUT!

LENGTH: text must be no more than 6,000 words

DEADLINES: Because the internet eliminates much of the hassle associated
with printing, there is no need for a fixed deadline for submissions and
publication. Submissions will be accepted on a rolling basis, and new
selections will be published each month. If your piece is chosen you will
be notified by email one week before publication. We will hold submissions
for six months, and if your piece is not published in that time you will be
notified. The first issue is due out mid June, 1996.

CONTACT INFO: Please save your submission in text only format and send it
in the body of an email or as a stuffed or zipped attachment via email.
Please do NOT send submissions any other way or in any other format. If
you need help with file formats, try asking your nearest system
administrator or tech support person, or you might try posing the question
on a help forum like internet-women-help (to join send email to: and in the body type one word
only: subsingle ). There are also a number of good books on using the
internet, such as Adam Engst's _Internet Starter Kit_ series for Mac and
Windows users. By the end of May there should also be a web page on "file
formats" up on Women Online's web site, so check back for that!


We look forward to hearing your stories!

--Amy Goodloe, Publisher and Editor

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Amy Goodloe Women Online Consulting
5856 College Ave #131
Oakland CA 94618

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