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Thu, 2 May 1996 16:49:49 -0500

Exactly! Some of us seem to be lost in the dark ages when men went to =
work and women stayed home full time whether they liked it or not. My =
sons and most of the boys I know have spent time in day care centers and =
help out plenty with the household chores, including laundry and meals. =
They need as much exposure to good career choices as our daughters. I, =
for one, am not about to allow my sons to be treated poorly because of =
someone's misguided ideas of addressing past injustices. You can't =
change what is past. You can only change what is happening now. If =
women have not had the same rights as men in the past, we can't make =
that right by mistreating men now. The simple fact is, all humans =
deserve the same rights and respect. Ends never justify means, no =
matter how you try to pretty it up.

Wanda Cahill


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Subject: Re: Kids Day @ Work

A day to bring my son to work would be extremely valuable to him. He is
already fully familiar with day care centres, grocery stores, and =
For me, the value in an official kids@work day would be in having my
*employer's support* in bringing my son to work. IMHO, all children =
benefit from visiting their parents' workplaces.

Brenda Belokrinicev

On Wed, 1 May 1996 wrote:

> from our daughters and share it with our sons. He suggested a special =
day for
> sons, but instead of taking them to work he thought we should take =
them to
> day care centers. I would add grocery stores and laundromats to that =
as well.
> Mary Miller

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