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Constance J Ostrowski (
Thu, 2 May 1996 20:56:29 -0400

I agree that boys need as much exposure to good career choices as
girls, but I don't agree that "Take Our Daughters to Work Day"
"mistreats" men/boys, or denies them rights and respect. A special
day created to emphasize the variety of options girls/women can have
(should have) does not at all take anything away from boys/men, particularly
because men are considered the norm in many, if not most, fields and jobs.
(How many people feel it necessary to say "female police officer,"
"female firefighter," "female attorney," etc.--specifically because
men in these positions is still considered the norm?)

I don't at all consider my son to be mistreated, treated poorly, or denied
rights and respect because of such actions as TODTWD. And I certainly
don't see such actions as "misguided ideas of addressing past
injustices"--these are not tit-for-tat, I-had-to-suffer-so-now-you-do
avenging actions: they are measures to try to ensure equitable opportunities
for girls/women.

Boys are not being punished for being boys by TODTWD; if boys feel badly
because they're not included, we can use this opportunity to explain
*why* such a measure is necessary, showing them the instances and areas
in which they as boys still have the edge over girls, or in which girls
are still excluded (one eg which pops into my mind, as a Catholic:

girls still cannot become Catholic priests).

Connie Ostrowski

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