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Fri, 3 May 1996 15:49:14 -0400

For the most part, EDEQUITY receives two types of request messages.

These include messages requesting general information that is a part of a search
or one's research. For example, someone is searching for a pin that promotes
equity. Others would be interested in the information contained in the replies,
so those messages would be forwarded as long as they contain relevant

These include requests for copies, brochures, etc. These do not contribute in
furthering the discussion and should be sent privately. For example, a message
describing workshops at Tufts University appeared a couple of weeks ago. There
were several requests for brochures. These are not appropriate for the list.
Such requests should be sent directly to the originator of the message or one
should seek out the contact person listed. In this case, the message did not
contain a contact e-mail address and people wanting more information needed to
call or write Tufts.

I try to keep EDEQUITY focused and interesting because I realize that a heavy
influx of irrelevant messages can force people to unsubscribe. This policy is
especially important at a time like this when the list is very active.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at edequity-

Gaea Honeycutt <>
Center for Equity and Diversity
Education Development Center, Inc.
55 Chapel Street
Newton, MA 02158-1060
617/969-7101, ext.2324

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