Re: Replies

Philippa Schapper (
Mon, 6 May 1996 13:51:28 -0400

Cheryl McLaughlin said
>I am one of the people who has requested info. about products --
>in truth, I thought that this info (re: computer graphics that are gender
>and racially equitable and sensitive) WOULD be of interest to others --
>many of us in our professional roles, publish flyers, brochures,
>announcements, and newsletters -- no matter what we write, a picture is
>worth more than a thousand words, if the picture is contradictory to the
>words we write.

I had been interested in her request for appropriate graphics, and though I
had no useful suggestions I was also interested in seeing the answers she
received ...for at least a starting point regarding which company/companies
attempt to produce graphics of the ordinary diversity of our communities.

For my part I am particularly loking for Australian and /British versions
as well as US versions.


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