User's Guide: Jobs, Conf., Resources & Ads
Mon, 6 May 1996 13:51:27 -0400

7. JOB OPENINGS: Feel free to send information on job openings as long as the
position has some connection to educational equity. The wish to reach more
female candidates is not an adequate reason to post noneducational equity

8. CONFERENCES: Educational and/or equity conference announcements are welcome
on EDEQUITY. However, do not send registration forms, housing information, or
schedules. Include contact persons for such information for those interested in
finding out more.

9. RESOURCES: You are encouraged to list resources (materials, organizations,
references, etc.) to EDEQUITY. Please list as much information as possible about
the resource (title, publisher, address, phone and fax numbers, etc.) and a
brief description and/or opinion of the resource.

10. ADVERTISING: Feel free to list and discuss resources available from your
organization if recently available or relevant to a current discussion on the
list. Advertisements for professional services--particularly those unrelated to
educational equity--are inappropriate. If you're not sure whether to post such a
message, contact the list administrator at EDEQUITY-ADMIN@MAIL.EDC.ORG.

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