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>In reply to Ray Rose's points. The brochure does have language which
>indicates girls and boys may participate in the programs, but we all know how
>many words a picture is worth....


At least they have said that the programs are open. It's a start.

> .... She indicated when she called me back that she had not had
>a chance to look at the brochure and did not say that she would. That in
>itself, I think, illustrates how important gender equity is to the district

Your assessment of the district's commitment to equity seems reasonable.
Take a gander at the other roles the Title IX Coordinator has. In general
is she a person with power or not? How long has she had the role? Do you
know if she's ever been to any Title IX Coordinator training?

I'm sorry Mary, but I forgot where you're located. Some of the states have
their own regulations that complement Title IX. Unfortunately the Title IV
funding for SEAs has been eliminated so many of the SEA equity folks won't
be around for much longer and in some states that will mean the end of any
real equity presence. The DACs (sorry, desegregation assistance centers)
still live, so they are a source of information.

I guess the question for you is how much to you want to make of this and
what do you want to have happen? I suspect that changing the brochure is
not really the issue. You see that just as an indication of a bigger

So, for the larger community the question is how far do you take this sort
of an issue?


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