Re: CA Found The Answer?
Mon, 6 May 1996 16:50:58 -0400

Re: females taking math in CA. First David, it seems you're talking about
two different things. What age-level student were YOU talking about? If you
were talking about how many girls take elective courses in math in high
school, the CA state Dept of Education can give you info on that. I don't
know who the sex equity person is in that agency anymore, but here's a sex
equity committee member for LA Unified: Donna Cassyd, She may know the data or who to contact.
If you were talking about PhDs in math, you can contact the Dept of Ed for
that also, or check with Marcia Linn at UC-Berkeley (I seem to have lost her
e-mail address). She does lots of gender issues and math ed. BTW, I guess I
wouldn't be surprised if more women than men were sticking it out to the end
of a doctoral program; they are in other fields. But in math, that would
seem to be fairly recent. Good luck. Melissa Keyes

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