School brochures
Wed, 8 May 1996 11:10:14 -0400

I talked with the director of community education in our school district
today regarding the gender imbalance in the summer brochure. She was very
gracious, acknowledging that it is an important issue and one that slipped by
this time. Her sincerity led me to believe that there will be changes in the
next brochure. However, Ray Rose had a good point when he noted that this is
about more than just changing the brochure. There are many more layers that
need peeling away in this district and many more. The hardest thing about the
work now is that we're down to changing attitudes and that's not quite as
easy as changing pictures in a brochure.

Last week, my daughter share a saying with me that she especially likes.
Sorry, but I don't have the attibution:

Our attitudes are the crayons we use to color our life. We can't always
change our circumstances, but we can change our crayons.

Crayola has made a lot of changes recently. It would be nice if some of the
rest of us would too.

Mary Miller

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