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Published five times a year, the Multicultural Link is designed for the
growing network of educators interested in futhering multiculturally aware
and sensitive education. Its pages highlight exemplary programs from around
the country that help students understand, navigate and participate in our
diverse society. Regular columns cover funding, ESL/bilingual education, and
gender issues.

We also have 8 pages of practical lesson plans and reproducibles to be used
in the classroom. Acitivites and lesson plans are spread across primary,
elementary, middle/junior high, and high school. The mephasis is on
multicultural content, rather than cross cultural learning. Suggestions and
recommendations help teachers develop gender-fair, ethnic-fair, and
racial-fair programs.

The newsletter is published by the Center for Professional Development of
Simon & Schuster, 1 Lake Street, Upper Saddle River, NJ 07458. Cost is $25
for one year; $40 for two-year subscription.

Suggested articles can be sent to the managing editor, Nicole Millman-Falk
( or call 201-652-1687.

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