Equity Outcomes

Tom Nelson (NELSONTJ%SSCCVA@snybufaa.cs.snybuf.edu)
Thu, 9 May 1996 17:56:58 -0400

Several two-year institutions in New York State have been working
together on efforts to institutionalize equity through utilization
of the Educational Equity Options Model (EEO) for postsecondary
institutions. This collaboration has included a wide range of
activities designed to create and/or enhance the climate in these
institutions regarding equity including such activities as: equity
and diversity programming efforts aimed at students and staff;
curricular inclusion efforts; recruitment of students into
nontraditional majors; and equity in hiring and other personnel
issues within the colleges, to mention but a few.
We think that these efforts, and the collaborative experiences,
have been enormously successful, in particular for the equity team
members of each institution, and that they have resulted in much
important networking. A question has arisen, however, as to
whether we have had any impact on students' attitudes and
perspectives, on the climate for equity in the institutions, and
whether significant outcomes can be identified and measured/
quantified/ demonstrated.

As we have talked, we have noted that some outcomes can be easily
measured (such as changes in the number of nontraditional majors in
our programs), but that others are very difficult--at least to
attribute to our specific programming efforts (impact of curriculum
inclusion, attitudinal change from entry to exit, etc.).
Consequently, we have made the issue of ascertaining measurable
outcomes with regard to our equity programming efforts a major goal
for the coming year. Any help that you can provide in this regard
with successes you have had, instruments that already exist,
pre-post test designs, etc. would be greatly appreciated.

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