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Mon, 13 May 1996 10:47:31 -0400

Someone was asking about a NY Times poll on expectations between girls and
boys regarding marriage and work. I happened across a copy of it in my local
paper (Santa Rosa, CA, Press Democrat), dated July 11, 1994. The actual
article in the Times probably predates that by one or two days. The author
was Tamar Lewin of the Times. Basically it found that "many boys" (no
statistic is cited) say they believe in traditional 1950's style marriages
in which the wife stays home, despite the fact that 71 percent of the kids
surveyed had mothers working outside the home. 58 percent of boys said that
they expected their wives to work out;side the home, 19percent expected them
to stay at home. 86 percednt of the girls said that they expected to work
while married, 7 percent said they expected to stay at home.
More troubling was the statement the "most boys said that most boys they
knew considered themselves better than girls."(Most of the girls saw boys as
equals) These are 13-17 year olds!

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