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Mon, 13 May 1996 10:42:11 -0400

Mary: Thanks for your reply. I have a clipping from NEA Today (educators
magazine) reporting that survey. I suspect that the survey I saw was by the
Times also but a year or two earlier, since both were of girls 13-17 years
of age. If I can compare the two surveys it might that things are changing
and that girls are getting the idea that they will definately be working. We
still need to have them prepare for something other than traditional
pink-collar jobs where they will make poor income and receive no benefits,

I was told today that the reference I saw was something from a "Choices"
program, from Advocacy press, so I may be on the trail of the original.

Thanks, again,


>This may not be the reference that you are searching for, but I recall a
>survey of high school students published in the New York Times in 1995,
>maybe even late 1995, that showed a sharp differentiation in the
>expectations between girls and boys in the combination of work and
>family. The girls all expected to work as well as have children, while
>the boys expected or hoped that their wives would stay at home to care
>for children. The survey I am referring to, then, would contradict the
>one that you are thinking of. Sorry that I don't have a more specific
>Nancy Dowd
>University of Florida College of Law
>Visiting Lecturer, University of Western Australia

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