Tue, 14 May 1996 09:55:45 -0400

Hi--I'd classify myself as a feminist mother of sons and can go either way
on the TYDTW issue. I see advantages in taking boys as well as girls when the
boss is female or some such. It does boys good to see women in power.

I am on the gender equity comittee at my son's school. Sometimes people ask
me why since I have no daughters. I give many reasons, but a central one is my
belief that in the long run, anything we do for girls really helps boys and the
rest of humanity!

By the way, as a feminist mother of a son, I have lots of questions about the
best way to do a new kind of child raising. Anyone know of a discussion list
on this issue (i.e., feminists raising sons?). Anyone want to start a discuss-
ion with me?
Karyn Hollis
Villanova University

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