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The seventeenth annual conference of the National Coalition for Sex Equity in
Education will take place at the Hyatt Regency Hotel, Princeton, NJ ,on July
21-24, 1996. The conference program promises to be exciting, informative and
diverse with workshops for all levels.

The keynote speakers are Dr. Sonia Nieto, University of Massachusetts at
Amherst, who will speak on the intersection of gender and ethnicity, and Dr.
Michael Kimmel, SUNY-Stony Brook, who will speak on the critical
juncture of women's and men's mutual interests in gender equity
issues. Both speakers have agrees to lead an informal conversation in
the following concurrent session to continue the dialogue.

The first Plenary on Monday, July 22, is a panel on the impact of the
present political al and legal climate on gender equity and those
strateies that can be encouraged to sustain gender equity issues in
education into the future. Moderated by Dr. Donna Elam, director of
the Equity Assistance Center for Region B, invited panelists are April
Osajima, American Association of University Women; Deborah Brake,
National Women's Law Center (confirmed) and Cindy Marano, Wider
Opportunities for Women, and Georgina Verdugo, MALDEF, and Sandra
Battle, Special Assistant for Gender Equity, U.S. Department of

Among the subjects to be addressed during the intensive sessions on
Sunday, July21, is the first all-day session "Raise Every Voice: An
Equity Paradigm for Teacher Preparation", moderated by Katherine
Hanson, WEEA Resource Center, who will be joined by David Sadker,
American University, Washington, DC, John Cawthorne, National Urban
League, Deirdre Armitage, Teacher Education Equity Project, New York,
and Phyllis Lerner, Rebacca Gondek and others. The three-hour
intensive sessions include one on gay, lesbian and bisexual youth (GALY-NJ),
current legal developments under Title IX (NOWLDEF), two programs on
gender equity models for school and community, and the ever-popular
introduction to NCSEEand gender equity -- "Help Me Understand What
You're Talking About" -- moderated by Meliassa Keyes, with Joshua
Miller Stewart (GrayMill),Eva Ross (Ysleta School District, TX), Wayne
Maeda (Connections Leadership Project, CA) and Agnes Parker Northern
(US Department of Education, Office for Civil Rights) invited.

Two special projects are being welcomed to the NCSEE conference this
year: the NCSEE Inclusiveness Project, initiated by the Steering
Committee, on increasing diversity within NCSEE, and the Gender Equity
Expert Panel, organized by Susan Klein, of the US Department of
Education OERI, with support by the WEEA Resurce Center. Both
projects will be meeting during the conference and are looking for
input from conference participants.

As usual, exhibitors and vendors will bring new materials, and we have
scheduled a Video View as an edutaining alternative to the concurrent

It is not all work. In keeping with our location in the New
York metropolitan are, we have invited the United Nations Singers to
welcome participants at the reception on Sunday. A New York harbour
cruise will be on the schedule for those who would like an organized
activity on Tuesday afternoon. One of the entertainment highlights is
Frederick Morsell, whom some of you may know better in his role as
Frederick Douglass. He will be part of the grnd finale on Wednesday
evening, playing Frederick Douglass as a woman's rights man". Fred
Morsell has also agreed to create a workshop on the ante-bellum period
of United States history, examing the interplay of the Abolition and
the Suffrage Movements.

We look forward to welcoming you to the 17th Annual NCSEE
For more information, please contact the co-chairs of this NJ/NY
Marylin A. Hulme Equty Assistance Center,
908-445-2071 FAX 908-445-0027(08-
Patricia Mitchell, NJ Departmentt of Education, FAX 609-292-1211
609-984-5909 FAX 609-292-12114
Craig Flood , NYS Occupational Equity Center
518-786-3234 FAX 518-786-3245
Delia Garrity, Rockville Centre School District, NY
516-255-8979 FAX 516-763-0914

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