MARY DICKERSON (mdick@nav.cc.tx.us)
Mon, 20 May 1996 14:01:43 -0400

I am a new subcriber from Corsicana, Texas. I am I Licensed Professional
Counselor at Navarro College and work with special population students.
Special population students include: non-traditional students,
non-traditional careers (men in nursing/women in drafting & design, fire
fighters etc), single parents, displaced homemakers, limited English
students, learning disabled and physically disabled. We provide
counseling, referral services, tutors, notetakers, and other services
necessary to help these students suceed in a community college setting.
Other services include: mentors (presently 36 mentors for 63 students),
some scholarships, child care scholarships, textbook loans.

I'm interested in knowing what others are doing for these populations,
where the funds come from. New ideas and workshops to help with this
population. Do you have a community advisory committee? Do you have
scholarship funds for tuition and fees, child care, etc? How did you
obtain the funds?

Mary Dickerson Carl Perkins Career Center
Internet: mdick@nav.cc.tx.us
Navarro College Phone : 903-874-6501
3200 W. 7th Ave. FAX : 903-874-4636
Corsicana, TX 75110

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