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Mon, 3 Jun 1996 09:26:43 -0400

I`m a high school teacher in England and I`ve been teaching English for two
years. I`ve only recently started using the Internet (and I`m not even sure
if I`m sending this message correctly)but I`ve been a little disappointed in a
couple of things. From a professional point of view, the internet seems
vastly underused in English education. My school, for example, went on line
with much fanfare eight months ago, and yet not one child, and very few
teachers, have been allowed to touch it since. I guess we`re all a little
unsure about what exactly to do with it!
Secondly, there seem to be very few newsgroups/mailing lists etc that deal
with British education and women`s issues. I can`t be sure at this point
whether they don`t actually exist or if I just can`t find them. But at the
moment I`m enjoying eavesdropping on what`s going on in the States and seeing
how you`re all using it.
If I am vastly mistaken and somebody knows something I don`t, correct me!

a little confused,

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