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I'm for a public discussion:

a couple of ideas....

Do a summer event for middle school students that focuses on developing
leadership skills -- inolve teams from schools for mutual support, and
include a faculty member too. Provide them with leadership skills and
training and then have follow-up support available for them during the
school year. (support could be in the form of consultant assistance -- look
to the DACs as one source of free assistance, small grants to do some
activity, follow-up meetings, or a combination ) Is this one idea or
multiple ideas?

There's always a need to get materials out -- funding a couple of materials
centers -- get the materials EDC's WEEA center has, and fund a place or two
which would be a resource center for teachers. Maybe a place that would
train teachers in the use of the materials. It could be a place that would
do the training as an in-kind contribution. I bet you could offer the
materials and make it competitive and get some *very* interesting and
compelling proposals.

Hopefully other ideas will flow.


At 9:26 AM 6/3/96, Cynthia J. Cupples wrote:

>This lengthy preamble is a preface to a plea for help. As chair of a
>recently-created women's education development committee, I am charged
>with brainstorming a list of suggestions for where Telluride might most
>usefully target our admittedly limited funds and energies. To high
>school girls? Women in college? Younger girls at the 11-12 threshold
>where self-esteem seems to plummet? Summer programs? A leadership
>institute? An educational year away from college?
>I would really appreciate your input as equity professionals. What
>really needs to be done? What works -- or doesn't? What would *you*
>like to do? What might be done by a small non-profit that can't -- or
>won't -- be done by local schools, governments, etc.? Freewheeling
>speculation is welcome; the ideas can be winnowed at a later stage.
>It might be interesting to do this kind of brainstorming on the list as a
>whole; otherwise, feel free to email me privately.
>Thanks for your help!
>Cynthia J. Cupples

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