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>I`m a high school teacher in England and I`ve been teaching English for two
>years. I`ve only recently started using the Internet (and I`m not even sure

>if I`m sending this message correctly)but I`ve been a little disappointed in
>couple of things. From a professional point of view, the internet seems
>vastly underused in English education. My school, for example, went on line

>with much fanfare eight months ago, and yet not one child, and very few
>teachers, have been allowed to touch it since. I guess we`re all a little
>unsure about what exactly to do with it!

One quick example of what you can do with the Internet- our students use it
to research politics. They have the website addresses of our state, local,
and federal governments, and departments therein. They can find the latest
polls on the presidential race, find out how proposed bills are faring in
Congress, or ask for information about specific issues or people. (You may
have guessed that I teach political science!) As I am sure others will tell
you, you are only limited by your imagination and the school day on what your
students can do.

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