Re: Request for brainstorming

Lupe Green (
Wed, 5 Jun 1996 13:06:37 -0400

As a new subscriber to this list, I would like to offer a few
comments. I am the National Coordinator for SCORE, which is a
comprehensive co-curricular support program for k-12
students, especially high risk students, that gives them the right
skills, tools, and support to master academic coursework at a level
that prepares them for college or the career of their choice. The
United States Department of Education has identified SCORE as a
national exemplary program. Two of our key philosophical foundations
is that teachers hold high expectations for all students and that
every student should be in 9th grade algebra. I would like to look at
the possibility of our program utilizing the WEEA materials in our
technical assistance follow-up to school sites. We have worked in
many schools with high numbers of low income and ethnic minority
students with very good results. We believe that we have to give
teachers the hands on experience with any new printed materials and
technical assistance followup to really make a difference. A key place
to intervene is at the upper elementary grade school in order for
students to be on track for advanced math and science courses at the
high school level. Some thoughts to add to discussion.

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