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Tue, 18 Jun 1996 15:11:37 -0400

You may have wondered what happened to the panel discussion on EDEQUITY.
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The trouble is with the EDC mail system. It's down -- been down for a
while and it's not clear when it will be fixed. The tech folks at EDC seem
to have given up on making promises for when it will be functioning
normally. As a result, Gaea has been unable to moderate the list.
Messages to the list first go to Gaea and if she can't get them they don't
flow to the list.

Gaea called and asked me to get a message out to the list.

<> The panel discussion will be rescheduled.

<> Messages that are not related to the panel will (hopefully) be
distributed to the list once the system is back on line.

<> Gaea is going on vacation and in her stead Sayra Pinto will be
moderator for the list. She can be reached (by phone) at Gaea's number.

<> Appologies for any inconvienience. (It's not Gaea's fault. Ray)

A message will be sent out when the system is fixed.

Ray, for Gaea

Raymond M. Rose The Concord Consortium
37 Thoreau Street, Concord, MA 01742
Fax: 508.371.0696, Phone: 508.369.4367

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