Re: gender and diversity panel

marcia braundy (
Mon, 24 Jun 1996 10:21:24 -0400

> The comments by Melissa Keyes about gender and diversity sparked a
>responsive chord, since I, like many of us working in gender equity, had
>experiences that paralleled hers -- emerging from the civil rights
>movements of the 1960's.

Thanks so much for your perspective and your work. We are struggling in
Canada with similar baacklash, except here in BC, where we just re-elected a
progressive government which is maintaining our Ministry of Women's
Equality, and renews its commitment to hiring for all equity groups on major
capital projects funded by the government.

As chair of the Equity Committee of the Provincial Apprenticeship Board, and
past National Coordinator of WITT National Network (Advocates for women in
trades, technology, operations and blue collar work) I have not seen the
kinds of changes we have all been working so hard for. Three steps forward,
two steps back.... But we have garnered the support of other Board members
to pass strong and clear recommedations. All we need now is better

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