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The Centre for Research and Education on Gender at the Institute of
Education, University of London, is part-way through a series of invited
research seminars supported by the Economic and Social Research Council on
the topic 'Gender and Education: Are Boys Now Underachieving?'

The first two-day seminar set the scene. Madeleine Arnot (Jesus College,
Cambridge), Miriam David (South Bank Uni) and Gaby Weiner (South Bank)
spoke about the recent work which they did for the Equal Opportunities
Commission (report available from EOC). Michele Cohen (Richmond College,
London) spoke about the history of the debate, tracing it back to Locke(!).
Harry Daniels (Birmingham Uni) Valerie Hey, Diana Leonard and Marjorie
Smith (all Institute of Education) spoke about gender and Special
Educational Needs. Tony Gallagher (Queen's, Belfast) spoke about the
debate in N. Ireland, Odette Parry (U of West Indies, Mona Campus) about
her research in the Caribbean on 'boys' underachievement' and
masculinities. Janette Elwood (Institute of Education) and Patricia Murphy
(Open University) spoke assessment, examinations and the need to
disaggregate results.

People are presenting current research, but there is, in fact, very little
completed research available as yet and much of the backlash is based on
popular media/moral panic.

This is on-going work for us and there will eventually be one or more
publication. The other thing which we might consider at the next sminar
(15 November on the theme of masculinities) is whether to make the papers
given at the seminar available via WWW.

Good luck with your search -- and we'd certainly be interested in what you
find out.

Debbie Epstein

At 5:05 pm 26/6/96, Edwina Dunn wrote:
>I am researching resources for a client of our library (the Open
>Learning Curriculum Library of the Open Access Support Centre,
>Queensland Department of Education, Australia) the issue of boys and
>gender in education, especially in the context of the perceived
>"backlash" to affirmative action for girls.
>Any pointers to resources on the issue of boys and gender issues
>pertaining to education P/K-12 would be most appreciated.
>Thank you
>Edwina Dunn
>Open Access Support Centre
>My own views.
>No-one else would want them!

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