The male/female divide?

Thu, 27 Jun 1996 10:20:07 -0400


I'm a physics teacher at a British secondary school of 1200 students whose
ages range between 11 and 16. The results of an audit of our Library and
Computer suite revealed that:

1. Girls were the majority group who signed out books and used the library
the most. But, they hardly used the computers.

2. Boys were the majority group who used the computers but were the
minority for signing out books.

I would really appreciate feedback from other more experienced teachers (or
students) who can offer ideas or successful strategies/practice that would
help us do the following:

1. Motivate/attract girls to use the computers.

2. Motivate/attract boys into signing out more books.

Of course I will collate all replies and repost to EDEQUITY.


Eddie Hopkins

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