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Joy Wallace (wallace@lemming.uvm.edu)
Fri, 28 Jun 1996 11:28:16 -0400

Subject: Re: REQUEST for resouorce inforamtion on: boys and gender issues in

I am curious why a person would think that posting information on the WWW
is an equalizer? That information is only available to individuals who
have access to a computer, modem and telecommunications capacity?
Joy Wallace

On Thu, 27 Jun 1996, Lupe Green wrote:

> Debbie Epstein wrote:
> > The Centre for Research and Education on Gender at the Institute of
> > Education, University of London, is part-way through a series of invited
> > research seminars supported by the Economic and Social Research Council on
> > the topic 'Gender and Education: Are Boys Now Underachieving?'
> > This is on-going work for us and there will eventually be one or more
> > publication. The other thing which we might consider at the next sminar
> > (15 November on the theme of masculinities) is whether to make the papers
> > given at the seminar available via WWW.
> >
> I think it would be a wonderful idea to make these papers available via
> WWW. As you correctly state, there is little research on the topic and
> what has been done is difficult to access by many of the people who need
> this type of data. I know that in California public library budgets
> have been reduced, so WWW access to key information would be a great
> equalizer. It would be wonderful if, as standard procedure, we would
> all begin to think abour making our work available through WWW.

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