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Regina Monday Secondary School in London, Ontario offered, a couple of years
ago, to run an all girls science class, they had so many requests that they
had to expand the program, and are now running full schedules of this
because the program was so successful for the students. Contact Maggie
McDonald at the WITT National Network (519 434-0302) for more detailed
information and contact people.

>Subject: all-girl science program
>We have a science-museum based enrichment program, several years
>old, catering to the elementary school age. Because observations showed
>boys dominating the scene in these classrooms, we want to start one
>all-girl class next year, for 7-9 year olds from diverse ethnicities.
>For authorization, we need references and most importantly
>research-findings on the advisability of such limited (science) single-sex
>programs, short or long term. Please help. Shoshana
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