Re: The male/female divide?

anne d. sandler (
Tue, 2 Jul 1996 12:12:36 -0400

As a high school math teacher I have noticed the same discrepancy in female
computer use. In my geometry classes this year I have made technology a part
of the curriculum in several ways. Students were required to do several
assignments per quarter via the students area of the Math
Forum( Students were required to submit 3
solutions that were accepted as correct by the moderator of the forum(annie),
and forward all responses to me for the Problem of the Week or month. This
was part of their quarter grade.
In addition students worked on a portfolio of activities using the Geometers
Sketchpad (Key Curriculum Press). They submitted 5 of their best activities
in a portfolio or on disk = 1 test grade. Needless to say, the girls did an
outstanding job - I find them to be very task orientated and eager to follow
the rules- in this case some of them were encouraged to continue with
computer and internet activities. The boys also did an outstanding job- they
tended to explore more. There were definitely some differences in approach
along gender lines. I would suggest that students become involved with
research projects which require both internet and library "books" as

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