EDEQUITY Unmoderated

Wed, 3 Jul 1996 12:31:52 -0400

Hello, everyone! Beginning sometime yesterday, EDEQUITY became an unmoderated
list for a 2 month trial period. What this means is that I will no longer
approve messages before they appear on the list. However, the guidelines in the
User's Guide still apply. Personal messages, advertisements for products and
services that have nothing to do with education or equity, etc. are still
inappropriate. Please be considerate of others on the list and ask yourself if
your message is of general interest to EDEQUITY before you send it. I will still
be "slapping wrists" so to speak, but expect that you all will do the same to
keep the clutter off of your list, too. The User's Guide now reads:

12. UNMODERATED LIST: This list is administrated jointly by the Center for
Equity and Diversity and the WEEA Equity Resource Center at Education
Development Center, Inc. In overseeing this public mailing list, EDC reserves
the right to delete and archive messages, use the archives for research
purposes, delete memberships and take other actions it deems responsible,
desirable or necessary to take. The administrator reserves the right to carry
out these measures. EDC is not responsible for the content of EDEQUITY. If you
ever have a question about these guidelines or want to discuss something with
the administrator, please send a message to EDEQUITY-ADMIN@MAIL.EDC.ORG.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Gaea Honeycutt <edequity-admin@mail.edc.org>
Center for Equity and Diversity
Education Development Center, Inc.
55 Chapel Street
Newton, MA 02158-1060
617/969-7101, ext. 2324

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