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I am the co-directer with Lisa Yaffee of an NSF funded project to develop
model programs for girls. We call ourselves Closing the Gap: Math Clubs for
Girls and are based at TERC in Cambridge, MA. At our pilot site in
Stockbridge, MA we (participating teachers, administraters, and project
staff) decided to run parallel single gender math clubs once a week during
school. Our rational in large part was to make sure we were providing equal
opportunity for boys and girls while giving ourselves the space to reflect on
the equity issues we observed in the regular co-ed classroom. At the fifth
grade level these clubs were highly successful in increasing girls interest
and confidence in mathematics. They were popular with boys also. The
experience provided us with an opportunity to reflect on gender issues - what
are the dynamics of the boys only group? the girls? Finally, we used the one
hour time slot as unpressured opportunity for teachers to try new materials
and teaching methods. By the end of the year teachers chose to change their
practice considerably in the regular co-ed class. They became more aware of
the girls in their classes as mathematical learners, and they adopted more
progressive teaching strategies. Has anyone else ran parallel single gender
Mary Berle-Carman
Date: 7/9/96 8:13 PM
To: Mary Berle-Carman
One of the Assistant Attorney Generals in the state of Washington just
sent me some information on single sex offerings. In the May,1996 issue
of the "United States Code Service", Lawyers' Edition, Cumulative
Supplement, 20 USCS, Education, Equal Opportunities 20 USCS 2107,



1703. Denial of equal educational opportunity prohibited

Am Jur:
68 Am Jur 2d, Schools 9.

1. Generally
City school board's pilot program establishing 3 male-only academies
for preshcool through 5th-grade boys will be enjoined preliminarily, even
though court acknowledges status of urban males as "endangered species"
due to high unemployment, dropout and homicide rates and appreciates
experimental attempts to meet their needs, because that noble purpose is
insufficient to override rights of females to equal opportunities under
Title IX (20 USCS 1681 et seq.) and 20 USCS 1703. Garrett v Board of
Educ. of School Dist. (1991, ED Mich) 775 F Supp 1004."

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