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Thanks for these leads which I will pass on to those on ra-equity and
ed-equity who aren't already familiar with these gender equity-related
training providers -- Bob McLaughlin

Subj: Re: [RA-Equity] Fwd: Gender equity trainings
Date: 96-07-15 09:26:23 EDT
From: (Elizabeth M. Mimms)

There are ten desegregation assistance centers serving each region of the
country. They are funded by the U.S. Department of Education to help
school districts reduce gender, national origin, and race segregation and
to cope with problems related to desegregation. Each center can provide
training, planning assistance, information and referrral, phone
consultation, and other types of technical assistance. Training in
gender equity is just one of their offerings. They have just been
refunded for the next 3 year cycle. The one nearest you is probably SWRL
(the South West Regional Laboratory), 4665 Lampson Avenue, Los Alamitos,
CA 90720, Phone: 310/598-7661).

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Date: 96-07-15 12:31:22 EDT
From: (Eleanor R Linn)

You should definitely let people know that their federal tax dollars
support Desegregation Assistance Centers across the country (there are 10
of them) that are available to help school districts on issues of race,
gender, and ethnicity.
You should also mention the National Coalition for Sex Equity in
Education, which is an organization of groups and people working for sex
equity in education. Their address is NCSEE, 1 Redwood Drive, Clinton NJ
08809. Phone 908-735-5045, Fax 908-735-9674. They're setting up a website
"in July."

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> This may be of interest to ra-equity subscribers -- Bob McLaughlin
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> I'm preparing an introductory level book on gender equity for parents and
> teachers and would be more than happy to list names and addresses of
> people or outfits who provide equity training for teachers and/or
> nonprofessionals. Send me some description of the program, costs,
> availability (local, nationwide?).
> Thanks,
> Tim Flinders
> P.O. Box 108
> Tomales, CA 94971

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