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I've used pins from The Pin Man -- many equity, volunteer, etc. themes on
fairly inexpensive pins -- I like this idea, as whenever any of your
mentors would wear his/her pin, colleagues often remark on the design and
it opens up a chance for dialogue about the program/project/job that the
mentor is doing, and about the mentees themselves.
Women are a lot like tea bags -- they get even stronger in hot water.

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On Wed, 17 Jul 1996, MARY DICKERSON wrote:

> information and a resource list. How else can we acknowlege these
> outstanding people who give above and beyond their already full schedules?
> Most of the students are equity students: single parents, displaced
> homemakers, Limited English, physically challenged, learning disabled.
> Many have math phobias and the math department all volunteers and said
> send them on. Office technology majors ask for administrative assistants.
> It's an exciting endeavor and very rewarding. It is so hard to recognize
> people for something that cannot be "priced."
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