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>Hi! I have not introduced my self yet, and a friend is looking for some
>information, so this seems a good time to say hi to all.
>My name is Robin, and I teach Anger Management/Conflict Resolution (part time)
>to 7th & 8th graders, and I work in Juvenile Corrections (part time). I am
>interested in girls issues, and making my class room a more gender equitable
>learning enviornment.

Kootenay WITT and the West Kootenay Women's Association have produced an
excellent resource that talks about how to use rolemodels in the classroom
and how to prepare your class for an expanded view of potential occupations
for all students, It's called Options Unlimited, and has several parts:
1)a role modelling guide for role models on how to relate to the different
age groups and the kinds of questions that need to be answered, as well as
how to put together a presentation/workshop. 2) A guide for teachers with
classroom exercises around career development and occupational choice, and
organizing the role modelling sessions, and 3) how to set up a role
modelling directory for your area. This package is $15, and is also sold as
part of another package with a GETT Camp Manual for organizing Girls
Exploring Trades and Technology Camps for $25. Fax order to 604 226-7954.
Kootenay WITT is currently working on a Web Page and should be up and
running on the Internet soon.

Hope this is useful.
> The pinks and the blues, or blues and the pinks. The study was about
>gender conditioning of infants by caregivers. Maybe behavioral psychology?

I believe there was a 16 mm movie/or video with this title.


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