Please, Ms. G. Honeycutt, help!

Lou Sauer Nelson (
Mon, 22 Jul 1996 10:28:16 -0400

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From: Lou Sauer Nelson <>
Subject: unsubscribing

Dear Ms. Honeycutt,

I have tried five or six times over the past few weeks through the majordomo
route to unsubscribe to edequity-- I always get a message similar (or
identical) to the following:

>>>> unsubscribe <edequity>
**** unsubscribe: 'Lou Sauer Nelson <>' is not a
member of list '<edequity>'.

I am, however, receiving your emails on a regular basis, and I would like to
be removed from the list. When I subscribed the email address I supplied
was (Not being totally familiar with variations of
addresses I don't know if the fact that my messages to you now seem to be
from "" is responsible for the lack of recognition or if
that is unrelated.)

I do find your list interesting and important. But because I must pay more
attention to topics connected to my dissertation research I need to pare
down my
membership in unrelated lists. I hope you will help me solve this problem.
Merely refering me to the majordomo rules will not help as I have tried
several times to follow them with the above results. Either I am
misunderstanding the instructions or there is a glitch somewhere.
Sincerely, Lou Sauer Nelson

This message came back, also -- please, please help me to unsubscribe from
your list! lsn

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