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Cheryl McLaughlin (
Tue, 23 Jul 1996 16:25:46 -0400 (EDT)

apologies to edequity members -- I could have not cc'd to you all,
(as other posters should be kind enough to do, but don't realize what
they are doing, I assume) but I thought you might want to see that
appeals ARE being made to hopefully the right people to stop this.
to other edequity members who have complained, please note the right
addresses for complaining -- do not just enter "r" -- it will only go out
one more time to other members. You must write to the AAUW folks and
and to Jeanne Clark at -- what ever that is. CHeck the
original post, if you are unsure.



IF we receive a message like this one for each person who subscribes, my
mail quota will be exceeded and importan mail that I depend on will be
bounced back . do you have any idea how many people this is affecting?
I might have to unsubscribe to this group, which I value, in order to
stop the inundation of AAUW messages. At first it is mildly inconvenient,
but now it
getting outrageous. Does Equity have any official affiliation with AAUW?

This is a copy of the message I sent to the message originator in hopes
of this situation getting under control.

Attn: Jeanne Clark --
while I know your intentions were good when you widely posted that
applications were available to AAUW, you may not have realized how many
people would just press the "r" key and respond to the address of the
group to which you had posted. As a result, the members of this group,
which recently went UNmoderated, are having our mailboxes FILL up with
I am sure you understand that most of us are VERY busy women (mostly) and
that we just can't have this kind of thing happen when folks don't follow
netiquette very closely, and /or create a situation which becomes VERY
inconvenient and timeconsuming for a LARGE number of people on NUMEROUS
groups to which the original message is posted (particularly since you
encourage reposting by anyone receiving it) This simply CANNOT continue
in my mailbox -- it is overwhelming.

***Thank you for any prompt remedy you can make at this time.

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On Tue, 23 Jul 1996, Kai Brown wrote:

> Thank you for your interest in membership with the American
> Association of University Women!
> When you join AAUW, you join an organization that is working to
> eliminate the educational, financial, and legal barriers faced by women
> and girls. With your support -- and that of our 150,000 members --
> AAUW can:
> # Lobby on issues that matter most to you
> # Provide fellowships and grants
> # Fight Sex Discrimination
> # Sponsor ground-breaking research on gender equity in education
> Membership is open to those with a bachelor's or higher degree from a
> regionally accredited institution. Undergraduates enrolled in a regionally
> accredited two or four year instititution may become student affiliates.
> Make the right choice and join today!
> If you email us your mailing address, we will be happy to send you an
> application.

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