equity consultant directory

Merryn Rutledge (merryn@cameng.com)
Wed, 24 Jul 1996 12:05:12 -0400 (EDT)

Dear Tim Flinders:
I saw your invitation to be in a consultant directory. I'm in the
business as:
Training and consulting in Communications and Equity
Merryn Rutledge
233 Van Patten Pkwy, Burlington, VT 05401
Tel 802 863 7084 FAX 802 860 7183
e mail merryn@cameng.com

Workshops for teachers K-12 on curriculum revision and classroom
climate, and parents on raising kids gender fair. Special emphasis upon
assisting school staff and parents in generating their own ideas for
practical changes. A teacher and people coach for over twenty years, Merryn
assists businesses and schools in creating healthy communication climates,
including conflict resolution and diversity management. In addition to
running ReVisions consulting, Merryn teaches Communications at Champlain
College and is director of the Vermont Equity Project. Fees negotiable.

Thanks for listing me in your directory. I too am writing a book
for teachers based upon my experience teaching them in the Vermont Equity
Project. Best, Merryn

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