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Tue, 6 Aug 1996 20:55:31 -0700

Check out web site>

also (for Career and
Personal Plannning curriculum and other materials, They are both great
sites to do some surfing from. All British Columbia k-12 learning materials
are screened for gender, racial and other bias before it is allowed to be

Kootenay WITT, advocates for women in trades, technology, operations and
blue collar work will be up and running on a web site soon, and have a
number of excellent resources for young people, including Options Unlimited
- A Role Modelling Program for Role Models & Teachers, and Tapping the
Community - Expanding Career Opportunities for Young Girls: A GETT Camp
Manual (Girls Exploring Trades and Technologies) Fax:604 226-7954.

>> 2. Career development materials/strategies, which are also
>> free of bias, for elementary and middle schools.
>Reading between the lines....
>Does that mean that you have some bais free career development
>materials for high schoolers or adults?
>If so, I'd sure be interested in hearing what you have found.
>Shawn MacDonald, Director of the Women's Center, Equity Coordinator
>Northland Community and Technical College, Thief River Falls, MN
Marcia Braundy
Advocate for Women in Trades, Technology, Operations and Blue Collar Work (WITT)

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