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Thu, 08 Aug 96 12:40:27 EST

1996 Publications and Resource Catalog from WOMEN WORK! (The National
Network for Women's Employment)

The "1996 Publications and Resource Catalog" contains 16 resources
"designed to make your job easier!" A statement on the introductory page
explains the purpose of the publications:
"Women Work! publications and resources are all designed to make your job
easier. From solid strategies you can use to run a better program to
explanations of legislation in simple, easy-to-understand language, Women
Work! creates user-friendly resources no workforce development
professional should be without. You'll find 16 publications and
resources inside you need to tackle the challenges you face everyday,
plus much more..."

Resources included are:
Expanding Your Expertise: Tools For Building Your Program
On the Rights Track: An Empowerment and Workplace Rights Curriculum
Superstores, Schools and Sewers: A Curriculum for Understanding How Your
Local Economy Works
New Economic Pathways for Women: An Advocate's Guide to the
School-to-Work Opportunities Act.
Satisfaction Guaranteed: Customers Speak Out on Displaced Homemaker and
Single Parent Services
Overcoming Obstacles, Winning Jobs: Tools to Prepare Displaced
Homemakers for Paid Employment
A Guide to Non-Traditional Occupations for Mid-Life and Older Women
Women Work, Poverty Persists: A Status Report on Displaced Homemakers
and Single Mothers in the United States
ISTEA on Tap: An Advocate's Guide to Accessing Highway and Construction
Money for Non-Traditional Job Training
Success Over Forth: Strategies for Serving Older Displaced Homemakers
Women Work! Program Directory 1996
State Displaced Homemaker Legislation Update
Partners in Change Video
Transition to Triumph Collection (posters)
How to Get the Numbers to Prove Your Program Works: The Women Work!
Management Information System (MIS)
Women Work! Newsletter
Women Work! Resource Fact Sheet Package

To request this catalog contact Women Work! The National Network for
Women's Employment, 1625 K St., Suite 300, Washington, DC 20006 or call
(202) 467-6346.

Please remember that ra-equity CANNOT send you this catalog, so contact
Women Work! is you want this resource.

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