Share your best work in gender equity...
Fri, 09 Aug 96 12:22:09 EST

An Invitation to Share Your Best Work!

Gender Equity in Education

Have you developed programs and projects that support gender equity in
Have you ever wished you could share your innovative ideas with other educators
throughout the nation? Have you ever wanted the opportunity to ask others how
they teach a particular course, develop and implement policy, or provide
professional development in ways that support the learning of girls and boys?
Have you looked for materials that will help you make sure your classes or
programs are gender equitable and been unable to determine whether the materials
you find actually worked?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, you can support and receive
help from the National Expert Panel on Gender Equity. You may also receive
national recognition for your work.

What is the National Gender Equity Expert Panel?
OERI in the US Department of Education is pilot testing an expert panel on
gender equity to help the Secretary of Education designate promising and
exemplary products, programs, and practices that focus on promoting gender
equity. The panel is facilitated by the WEEA Equity Resource Center, located at
Education Development Center Inc. (EDC). In this pilot test the Expert Panel
will form six subpanels:

¨ core gender equity
¨ school-to-work/vocational education
¨ teacher professional development
¨ combating violence/sexual harassment
¨ disabilities
¨ mathematics/science/technology

To continually improve education in the United States, we need to find ways that
work to promote the academic achievement of all students─paying particular
attention to gender equity. The main purpose of the Gender Equity Expert Panel
is to provide educators with a central source through which they can locate
policy, practice, and instructional materials they need for gender fair
education. The expert panel will collect, review, and recommend promising and
exemplary products. EDC, in collaboration with the Department of Education,
will disseminate information about these materials that show "what works" to
teachers and administrators nationally.

How Can You Contribute to the Gender Equity Expert Panel?
We welcome your recommendations and submissions. The expert panel will focus
primarily on programs and products that have immediate application to increasing
gender equity in schools, colleges and universities, and community
organizations. These will include: curriculum, program models, implementation
models, textbooks, and similar materials that can be used directly by educators
and administrators. Other teachers will have the opportunity to benefit from
your original materials. You will also have the opportunity to access a
collection of resources through the WEEA Equity Resource Center.

What Are the Procedures for Submitting Materials?
Submissions to the Gender Equity Expert Panel need to be submitted with the
guidelines and program information. These guidelines can be obtained from the
WEEA Equity Resource Center world wide web site or by contacting the center.
Send your submission with four copies of your materials to the Center. They
will forwarded to the appropriate subpanel chair for the review process. As
part of the review, the subpanel may contact you for further information or
clarification and you will be informed of the final recommendations. Those
materials recommended as exemplary or promising will be listed on the web site
and in a series of documents. If your products are selected, you will also
receive a formal acknowledgment that can be used to promote your work.

Types of Materials
Materials can be print or non-print items, including multimedia formats such as
software, videos, or audiotapes. (If you are submitting non-print items, you
can send fewer copies.)

Impact Information
We would like you to include examples to show the impact/success of your
program. This could be a formal evaluation or longitudinal study. Or it could
be other indicators such as participant evaluations, reviews in local media, or
indications of shifts in thinking or behaviors.

Original Materials
We are looking for original materials. If you have adapted earlier materials or
programs developed by others, please indicate this in your descriptions,
including descriptions of how you changed the approach or materials.

We look forward to your submissions!

For further information or to submit your programs contact either of the

Joe Maxwell, Sr. Researcher
WEEA Equity Resource Center
Education Development Center, Inc.
55 Chapel St.
Newton, MA 02158
phone: 617-969-7100
Fax: 617-332-4318
Web site:

Susan Klein, OERI, 202-219-2038, fax 202-219-1407 or

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