Panel Now Question of the Month
Mon, 12 Aug 96 10:26:40 EST

As most of you know, EDEQUITY's June panel discussion was introduced Murphy's
Law. I've decided to turn that theme, "How Can Gender Equity and Diversity
Advocates Work Together to Affect Change", into a Question of the Month. Discuss
the good and the bad. What partnerships and programs are available? Which
programs and initiatives are successful and which are not? Why? What would you
do to improve a program or the movements in general? What would you suggest
that hasn't been done?

Melissa Keyes' original response to the panel question will be sent to the list
to get us started. Please remember to use "August Question: Equity & Diversity"
as your subject line for this thread. If you have any questions, feel free to
contact me.

Gaea Honeycutt <>
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