Re: girls in science
Wed, 14 Aug 96 16:31:04 EST

I don't have any specific information to give you but I know of a great place
for you to get information. There is an initiative called "Encouraging Girls in
Math and Science". You can order pamphlets (in a sample set or in packets of 25
sets) from the Women's Educational Equity Act (WEEA) Publishing Center. The
contact person there is Patricia Campbell, Author, WEEA Publishing Center,
Education Development Center, Inc., 55 Chapel Street, Newton, MA 02158-1060.
Her phone number is 800-225-3088. WEEA's email address is

There are four pamphlets available. They are entitled "Math, Science and Your
Daughter: What Can Parents Do?"; "Nothing Can Stop Us Now: Designing Effective
Programs for Girls in Math, Science and Engineering"; "What Works and Doesn't?
Ways to Evaluate Programs for Girls in Math, Science and Engineering"; and
"Working Together, Making Changes: Working In and Out of School to Encourage
Girls in Math and Science."

I hope this is helpful.

Erica Fields
Research Assistant
Education Development Center
Subject: girls in science
From: at internet
Date: 8/14/96 10:16 AM

Hello. My name is Ann Perko. I am a legal services lawyer and mother of a
2nd grader in public elementary school in Tallahassee, Florida. I have had
discussions with fellow female attorneys who are concerned, as I am, that
nothing is being done at our local schools to encourage girls to get
involved in science and math. If you have any materials that might be
useful to us to approach schools with, I would appreciate you sending them
to me. My address is 4072 Yardley Circle, Tallahasse, Florida 32308. You
can reach by e-mail or by phone at 904-668-9360 and my number at Florida
Legal Services is 904-385-7900. Thanks for your help.

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