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Gaea Honeycutt

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Can anyone help with this query (from my brother)? If so, please let him
know at djmcl@aol.com and share your reply with ra-equity subscribers.

Many many thanks!!

Bob McLaughlin

Admittedly, this is a bizarre (and 90s) way of shouting out a question, but
so be it. Would you recommend one or two films and/or videos that would
likely provoke critical discussion of K-8 schooling in general, and Indian
and Navajo education specifically, for future teachers of Navajo children
(with whom I am working in a teacher education project that is about to be
launched)? I would much appreciate your help, and be glad to forward to you
the list that I generate in the coming weeks from your help. Many thanks in
advance. Daniel McLaughlin, Navajo Community College (djmcl@aol.com).
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