WEEA Center Closeout Sale

Fri, 6 Sep 1996 00:07:26 -0400

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Gaea Honeycutt

SALE-75% OFF Selected WEEA Publications that will no longer be available as of
September 20, 1996 (be sure to include shipping/handling-$3.50 for the first
publication and .80 for each additional publication). You must order by 9/20/96.
Orders under $25.00 (before shipping) must be pre-paid with check, MasterCard,
VISA, or money order.

call 800-225-3088

send a fax to 617-630-8402

or mail it in

America's Women of Color: Integrating Cultural Diversity into Non-Sex-Biased
Curricula (set of 4 books - $13.00)
ASPIRE: Awareness of Sexual Prejudice Is the Responsibility of Educators ($5.00)
Becoming Sex Fair: The Tredyffrin/Easttown Program: A comprehensive Model for
Public School Districts (Set of 4 books - $16.00)
Becoming: A Leader's Guide for High School Graduates ($4.00)
Breaking the Silence: Seven Course in Women's Studies ($2.50)
Choices/Changes: An Investigation of Alternative Occupational Role Models
Choosing Occupations and Life Roles (set of 4 books - $14.00)
Connections: Women and Work and Skills for Good Jobs ( 2 books - $8.00)
Displaced Homemakers: Vo-Tech Workshop Guide ($3.75)
Equity Counseling for Community College Women ($2.50)
Expanding Options (set of 8 books - $69.50)
Expanding Your Horizons in Science and Mathematics: A Handbook for Planners
Fair Play: Developing Self-Concept and Decision-Making Skills in the Middle
School (set of 12 books - $44.00)
Freedom for Individual Development (set of 5 training modules - $5.00)
How Women Find Jobs: A Guide for Workshop Leaders ($2.50)
Learning From Experience: A Handbook for Adult Women Students ($1.50)
Life Skills for Women in Transition (2 books - $6.75)
Multicultural Women's Sourcebook: Materials Guide for Use In Women's Studies and
Bilingual Multicultural Programs ($2.50)
New Directions for Rural Women: A Workshop Leader's Manual ($1.50)
People and Places, USA ($3.75)
Placing Rural Minority Women in Training Situations for Nontraditional Jobs
Project CHOICE: Creating Her Options in Career Exploration ($5.00)
Project Exploration: Search for Self ($2.50)
Sex Equity in Sports Leadership: Implementing the Game Plan in Your Community
Steppin Up and Moving On: A Career Education Program for the Urban, Noncollege-
Bound Student ($1.50)
Taking the Next Step: An Educational Program for Disadvantaged Women ($2.75)
Teacher Education and Mathematics (set of 8 modules - $15.00)
The Rewarding Challenge: Welcoming Re-Entry Women Students to the Small College
The Skys the Limit in Math Related Careers ($1.50)
The Whole Person Book (I): Toward Self-Discovery and Life Options ($2.50)
The Whole Person Book (II): A Guide to Preservice Training ($2.50)
The Women Within ($1.50)
To Make a Difference: A Trainer's Guide ($3.00)
Your Money and Your Life: Financial Planning for Low-Income Women ($2.00)


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